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About Us

 Several published and noted example of M.A.D.E. organizational Educational, Scientific, and Charitable programs and events include the following:  

 • In 2012 M.A.D.E. has represented it's Chicago-land community at the 2012 United States Conference on AIDS held in Las Vegas. In addition we've sponsored "Market Day's", "Summit of Hope", First Ladies", "Gay Pride Parade", "2012 Love Fest"   

  • During the 2011 Baseball season M.A.D.E., working with Hay-market, Beyond Care, Jackson Park, and Merk Pharmaceuticals launched the "Step Up to the Plate" program which was an initiative for instant Hepatitis C testing for the Chicago area for a total of five days between the Chicago White Sox  @ Comiskey Park and Chicago Cubs @ Wrigley Field. Over eight hundred souls were tested.

  • M.A.D.E. Prevention Services has become a fixture in the underground ball scene working with The School of Opulence, House of Infinity, House of Balenciaga, Coalition for Justice and Respect, Bayard, Rustin Access Center, and The Gay Black Caucus to ensure that events such as "Love Fest", "Pride", and "Black Pride and Market Fest" were fully accommodate with testing, counseling, and distribution of literature for AIDS, Hep-C and other sexually transmitted diseases with Safe Sex Kits.

  • On December 6, 2008 M.A.D.E. teamed up with a local promotion Rails Entertainment Company, which allowed us the opportunity to conduct testing at their weekly parties which caters to adult African-American Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender (LGBT) community on Friday nights. We also brought our outreach unit to test, counsel and distribute literature to the many youths under the age of 21 that hang outside of the Prop House for an opportunity to safely engage with the larger LGBT community. As we continued to grow in favor with the LGBT adult and youth community we were invited to Boys Town where we became a fixture in the community testing 10 to 15 LGBT clients per night twice a week for more than two years.

  • In 2008 M.D.E. was introduced through Provident Hospital to Club Escape, a night club that’s located at 75th & Stony Island in Chicago, they cater to the adult LGBT community. We started out testing there twice a week in collaboration with Provident Hospital of Cook County. In 2012 the venture grew into the MTI Project (MSM Testing Initiative) which is now a pay for service contract for M.A.D.E. sponsored by The AIDS Foundation of Chicago. 

About Us