4455 South Martin Luther King Jr Drive #101C, Chicago, Illinois 60653, U.S.A.




 The mission of Making A Daily Effort is to achieve the highest standards in the practice Prevention of HIV and Hepatitis C and to promote public health and safety. Our goals are to provide a variety of social, health, housing referral information and opportunities. We are here to promote and assist all American, Illinois, Chicago communities. We are here to focus on reducing and overall eradicating the epidemic of HIV, Hepatitis C and other sexually transmitted diseases in the United States, particularly Cook County. 


 Making A Daily Effort Prevention Services Inc. leads in creating an environment for the practice of community outreach, providing prevention services to surrounding areas around Cook County, Chicago. Our team of health educators inform, educate, consult, and manage practices about sex education and std prevention and safety. We provide products as an essential part of and accessible, quality based on the health care system.   

As an outcome, the communities surrounding and within Cook County :

Are well informed about 

  • Testing sites / Times and Dates. 
  • The Responsibility of taking care of one's health. 
  • Utilization of  clinic and onsite counseling.